Edge Essentials | 9.1.17 | Episode 9

Edge Essentials

Edge Essentials | 9.1.17 | Episode 9

Episode 9 – 9.1.17

Featured Artists: Grizzly Bear and The War On Drugs

This week on “Edge Essentials,” James features and reviews Grizzly Bear’s new album Painted Ruins and The War On Drugs’ new album, A Deeper Understanding.

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Track List:

Classic Rotation
“You Only Live Once” – The Strokes
“Night Vision” – Tennis
“R U Mine?” – Arctic Monkeys
“Don’t Deny Your Heart” – Hot Chip
“Axolotl” – The Veils

Recent Spotlight
“Cut-Out” – Grizzly Bear
“Losing All Sense” – Grizzly Bear
“Holding On” – The War On Drugs
“Pain” – The War On Drugs

Upcoming Releases
“Day I Die” – The National
“Bad Ones (feat. Tegan and Sara)” – Matthew Dear
“Jupiter” – Benjamin Clementine
“Dear Life” – Beck

Music Beds
“A Tune For Jack” – Lemon Jelly
“Roygbiv” – Boards Of Canada

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