Edge Essentials | 7.28.17 | Episode 5

Edge Essentials

Edge Essentials | 7.28.17 | Episode 5

Episode 5 – 7.28.17

Featured Artist: Arcade Fire

This week on “Edge Essentials,” James delivers the ultimate ear worm-filled experience to preface the feature on Arcade Fire’s new album, Everything Now (review coming next week!). He also talks about Arcade Fire’s history with David Bowie and plays advance tracks off of upcoming albums from Wolf Parade, The War On Drugs, and Grizzly Bear.

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Listen to the whole show below!

Checkout our Spotify playlist below for all the show’s tracks in one convenient playlist!

Track List:

Classic Rotation
“I’m Good, I’m Gone” – Lykke Li
“Anna” – Will Butler
“Headcage” – Matthew Dear
“Province” – TV On The Radio

Recent Spotlight
“Everything Now” – Arcade Fire
“Electric Blue” – Arcade Fire
“Creature Comfort” – Arcade Fire

La Chanson Française De La Semaine/The French Song of the Week
“Où Va Le Monde” – La Femme

Upcoming Releases
“Valley Boy” – Wolf Parade
“Strangest Dream” – The War On Drugs
“Neighbors” – Grizzly Bear

Outro Track
“I Can’t Give Everything Away” – David Bowie

Music Beds
“The Suburbs” – Arcade Fire
“Everything_Now (Continued)” – Arcade Fire
“You Already Know” – Arcade Fire
“Sound And Vision” – David Bowie
“Reflektor” – Arcade Fire

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