Edge Essentials | 10.6.17 | Episode 14

Edge Essentials

Edge Essentials | 10.6.17 | Episode 14

Episode 14 – 10.6.17

Featured Artists: Benjamin Clementine; Wolf Parade

This week on “Edge Essentials,” James features and reviews Benjamin Clementine’s new album I Tell A Fly and Wolf Parade’s new album, Cry Cry Cry.

This episode is sponsored by Montage Incorporated: Helping people achieve their dreams, one montage at a time.

Listen to the whole show below!

Track List:

Classic Rotation
“Cloud Shadow Of The Mountain” – Wolf Parade
“Golden Age” – TV On The Radio
“Fire Coming Out Of The Monkey’s Head” – Gorillaz
“Halelujah Money” – Gorillaz

Recent Spotlight
“Welcome To The Jungle” – Benjamin Clementine
“Jupiter” – Benjamin Clementine
“Ave Dreamer” – Benjamin Clementine
“Valley Boy” – Wolf Parade
“You’re Dreaming” – Wolf Parade
“Lazarus Online” – Wolf Parade

La Chanson Française de la Semaine/ The French Song of the Week
“I Love You” – Woodkid

Upcoming Tracks
“Deadly Valentine” – Charlotte Gainsbourg

Music Beds
“It’s A Curse” – Wolf Parade
“December” – Yumi Zouma

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