Eddy Current Suppression Ring – So Many Things


Eddy Current Suppression Ring – So Many Things

On the same order as the aforementioned Ty Segall, Eddy Current Suppression Ring (or ECSR for those who are too tied up with mouthfuls already) have released their fourth album, So Many Things; a compilation of their top songs off the other 3 albums. Having a more danceable garage rock feel to them, and also being lo-fi, they are not very comparable to Segall in many ways, but then again, who’s comparing? For those into Tyvek, the Intelligence, UV Race or Total Control (who actually feature Mikey of ECSR, and are touring with Thee Oh Sees, another complimentary band). Though they’re not very widely known, ECSR has been putting out the jams since 2003, but weren’t very substantial until about 2008. They skillfully brought back the raw emotion that this genre, which I would classify as old-school garage punk, has been missing for quite some time, and they do it very well. Interestingly enough, vocalist Brendan Suppression has this weird anxiety about performing, so he wears black gloves to counteract it. I don’t get it, but you know, I don’t question it.

On a scale of one to punch-you-in-the-breadbasket, I give this record a solid 7. It gets a little repetitive, but overall, it’s a fun record to jam to.

Recommended tracks: “You Don’t Care”, “It’s All Square”, “You Let Me Be Honest With You”, “It Ain’t Cheap”.

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