End Of Daze (EP) | Dum Dum Girls


End Of Daze (EP) | Dum Dum Girls

The Dum Dum Girls are an all girl California band that has become notable for their constant releases of EPs and their critically acclaimed 2010 album “I Will Be.” They have been described as a combination of both dream as well as noise pop that may seem as too poppy at first glance. However, after further listening, the Dum Dum Girls do not only pack a punch with their music but are also a knock out (see what I did there?). Last week the band released their fourth EP titled “End of Daze” and it’s already getting wide spread acclaim from many, including myself.

” End of Daze” opens with the song “When the Smoke Clears” that stars off with a noisy distorted guitar and a heavy bass accompaniment over lead vocalist Dee Dee’s voice. When the chorus is reached, a synthesizer and glockenspiel are incorporated to added a more pop feel. The second track “Get It Wrong” is a lot more livelier with the upbeat drum percussion and Dee Dee’s lyrics of lost love “I got nothing left to say” she repeats over and over during the chorus. The next track, “God Speed” is perhaps the EP’s most dream pop influenced. The song only features an airy guitar strum lingering in the back as Dee Dee sing about the abandonment of love. The following track “Lord Knows” is the EP’s focused single and the most appealing. The song includes a simple hi-hat/snare drum percussion that’s layered over more slow guitar strumming, thumping bass lines, and harmonized voices. The last track “Season In Hell” is the EP’s best and my favorite. With a more punkish approach, the percussion’s bass drum is pummeled through the song. Dee Dee reiterates “It’s the end of daze” before going into a simplistic yet awesome guitar solo. “Season In Hell” closes the “End of Daze” EP in a perfect manner.

The Dum Dum Girls influences are easily recognizable. The Ramones, Iggy Pop, and The Raveonettes are all artist they draw from but in a way that makes the Dum Dum Girls their own band. My only problem with thier EP’s is that they never seem to satisfy my need of music hunger. Unfortunately, this seems to be one these cases, “End of Daze” may only be 18 minutes but as the record progresses every track only seems to get better and better. 3/5

By KRUA Music Manager Felipe Godoy.

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