Wild Race (EP) | Dr. Dog


Wild Race (EP) | Dr. Dog

drdogEarlier this year Dr. Dog released their seventh studio album “Be The Void” that left the college music scene upside down. The album was one of Dr. Dog’s most impressive works to date and quickly became a cult classic. Eight months later, fans of the band had a new reason to become excited after the announcement of a new Dr. Dog EP titled “Wild Race.” In a sense “Wild Race” would be a brief continuation to “Be The Void” with three new unreleased tracks and two others that were include in the deluxe edition of the album.

“Wild Race” opens up with the song “Be The Void”, a perfect example of Dr. Dog’s sound. Simple lo-fi music with perfectly arrange harmonies and killer guitar riffs and baselines. The next song “The Sun” provides a faux-audience much like “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Heart Club Band” but with a slick accompaniment of a piano and sleigh bells. The third track “What A Fool” takes a slower much more soulful approach to the rest of the EP. While a piano leads, the song includes background vocals by the rest of the band’s members that make the track sound like a 50’s quintet song. The following song “Exit For Sale” goes back to the more livelier approach of Dr. Dog with more harmonies and a great chorus. The last and final song “Wild Race” is perhaps the EP’s best. With a wicked baseline and the continued formula of perfect harmonies the song actually feels like a race.

Dr. Dog continues to make outstanding music that is both accessible and awesome at the same time. While in recent years the band has turned away from their original lo-fi style of music and has created a more intricate sound this EP is just as good as any album release. “Wild Race” may only last an approximate 20 minutes but each minute is worth it. Dear listener, the doctor will see you now. 4.5/5

By: KRUA Music Manager Felipe Godoy

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