KRUA’s Public File


1) Welcome to our Public File

While not required by law, this “Welcome” folder contains copies of the information necessary to process any type of public file inquiry i.e. In person, by telephone, fax, mail or E-mail.  It is prepared to contain all the information necessary to properly handle any public file inquiry, even in the absence of appropriate management personnel.  Completed copies of these information sheets are not to be retained as part of the file available to the public.

Welcome to our Public File.. (copy inquery)

2) Applications

APPLICATIONS:  Does the public file contain copies of all applications, exhibits, letters, initial and final decisions in hearing cases, and other documents pertaining to the station that were filed with the Commission and that are open for public inspection at the FCC?  This includes applications granted pursuant to a waiver.  [See  §73.3526(e)(2)  or  §73.3527(e)(2)]


3) Authorizations

AUTHORIZATION:  Is a copy of the current FCC authorization (license) to construct or operate the station being maintained in the public file?  [See  §73.3526(e)(1)  or  §73.3527(e)(1)]

Renewal License

FCC License 1 of 2

FCC License 2 of 2


4) Citizen Agreements

CITIZEN AGREEMENTS:  For commercial stations, are copies of all citizen agreements maintained in the file for the term of the agreement?  [See  §73.3526(e)(3)]

Citizen Agreement

5) Contour Maps

CONTOUR MAPS:  Is a copy of any service (coverage) contour maps, submitted with any application tendered for filing with the FCC, together with any other information in the application showing service contours, and /or main studio and transmitter location in the file?  [See §73.3526(e)(4)  or  §73.3527(e)(3)]

RETENTION OF CONTOUR MAPS:  Are the station’s contour maps retained for as long as they reflect current, accurate information regarding the station?  [See  §73.3526(e)(4)  or §73.3527(e)(3)]

Coverage Pattern 2013

6) Ownership Reports

OWNERSHIP REPORTS:  For station licensees who are not sole proprietorships, does the public file contain copies of the annual ownership reports and supplemental ownership reports filed with the Commission, including all exhibits, letters and other documents associated with these filings?  [See  §73.3526(e)(5), §73.3527(e)(4)  and  §73.3615]

OWNERSHIP INFORMATION:  For non-commercial stations, does the ownership information on file with the Commission reflect the current ownership (board members, officers etc.) of this station?  [See  §73.3527(e)(4)  and  §73.3615(d,e & f)]

CONTRACTS:  For all stations, does the public file contain either a copy of the contracts listed in the latest ownership reports or an up to date list of such contracts for as long as they are in effect?  [See  §73.3526(e)(5),  §73.3527(e)(4) and  §73.3615(a)(4)(i) and  §73.3615(d)(3)]

RETENTION OF OWNERSHIP REPORTS:  Are the ownership reports retained until a new complete ownership report is filed with the FCC with a copy placed in the public inspection file?  [See §73.3526(e)(5)  or  §73.3527(e)(4)]

Federal Communications Commission Ownership Report 2012

7) Political File

POLITICAL:  Does the licensee have a complete record of all requests for broadcast time made by or on behalf of candidates for public office, together with an appropriate notation showing the disposition made by the licensee, of such requests, and the charges made, if any, if the request was granted?  (use NAB Fm Item 4046)  [See  §73.1943  and either  §73.3526(e)(6)  or  §73.3527(e)(5)]

FREE POLITICAL TIME:  If free time was provided for use by or on behalf of such candidates, has a record of the free time that was provided been placed into the file?  [See  §73.1943 and either §73.3526(e)(6)  or  §73.3527(e)(5)]

RETENTION OF POLITICAL RECORDS:  Are these records retained for a period of two years?  [See  §73.3526(e)(6)  or  §73.3527(e)(5)]

Memo about non-candidate issues

8) Non-Candidate Issue Advertisements

This folder should include a completed NAB form PB-15 ISSUES  (Item #4046A)  for each request for this type of station time.  While yet to be defined under  FCC  regulations, this item serves to indemnify stations who choose to carry or reject such advertising requests.  The forms are available at nominal cost from the National Association of Broadcasters, 1771 N. Street, NW, Washington, DC 20036-2891 or call 800-368-5644 or 202-429-5373.

RETENTION OF POLITICAL RECORDS:  Are these records retained for a period of two years?  [See  §73.3526(e)(6)  or  §73.3527(e)(5)]

Memo about public Office

9) EEO File

New rules became effective March 10,2003.  Records of activities undertaken prior to this date are not required.   Please note that personal identification of employee applicants, current employees and employee evaluations are not required and should never be placed in this public file folder. 

     For this Public File Folder the following items are to be maintained:

  • Job Titles of all full-time hires;
  • Name, address, contact person and phone number of each recruitment source, i.e.  Schools, broadcaster’s associations, professional organizations etc. that have been used to fill each vacancy.  These include those organizations entitled to automatic notifications.
  • The recruitment source that referred each full-time person hired;
  • Total number of persons interviewed for each full-time vacancy;
  • Number of persons interviewed referred by each recruitment source;
  • A list and description of all outreach initiatives undertaken (job fairs, etc.) undertaken during the past year.

These items are to be retained until grant of the next renewal or license agreement.

     (Stations are encouraged to obtain a primer on current  <non public file>  EEO/FCC requirements that involve initiatives, notifications, recruitment policies and other areas.  One excellent such primer is available at entitled “EEO Regulations for Broadcasters – A Primer on Current FCC Requirements”)

EEO File

EEO Audit Letter

10) Public and Broadcasting

PUBLIC AND BROADCASTING:  Does the station file have a copy of the most recent version of the manual entitled  “The Public and Broadcasting”  available in the file at all times?  [See  §73.3526(e)(8)  or  §73.3527(e)(7)]


11) Letters from the Public

LETTERS FROM THE PUBLIC:  For commercial stations, does the licensee retain all written comments and suggestions received from the public, including E-mail, regarding operation of their station unless the writer requested that the correspondence not be made public or the licensee believed that it must be excluded because of the nature of its content, such as a defamatory or obscene letter?  E-mail copies may be kept either on the computer or on paper.  [See  §73.1202  and  §73.3526(e)(9)]

RETENTION OF LETTERS:  For commercial stations, are all letters retained for three years from the date received?  [See  §73.3526(e)(9)]

12) Investigative Material

INVESTIGATIVE MATERIAL:  Does the station have any material having a substantial bearing on a matter that is the subject of an FCC investigation or complaint to the FCC of which the licensee has been advised?  [See  §73.3526(e)(10)  or  §73.3527(e)(11)]

RETENTION OF INVESTIGATIVE MATERIAL:  Has this material been retained until the licensee is notified in writing that the material may be discarded?  [See  §73.3526(e)(10)  or  §73.3527(e)(11)]

 Investigative Material

13) Issues-Program Lists

ISSUES-PROGRAM LISTS:  Has the licensee maintained a list of programs that have provided the station’s most significant treatment of community issues during the preceding calendar quarter?  [See  §73.3526(e)(11)(i)  or §73.3527(e)(8)]

FILED QUARTERLY:  Was the issues-programs list filed by the tenth day of the succeeding calendar quarter (e.g. January 10,  April 10,  July 10 and October 10)?  [See  §73.3526(e)(11)(i)  or  §73.3527(e)(8)]

NARRATIVES:  Do the issues-programs list include a brief narrative describing what issues were given significant treatment and the programming that provided this treatment?  [See  §73.3526(e)(11)(i)  or §73.3527(e)(8)]

DESCRIPTIONS:  Does the description of the programs include at a minimum the time, date, duration and title of each program in which the issue was treated?  [See  §73.3526(e)(11)(i)  or  §73.3527(e)(8)]

RETENTION OF ISSUES-PROGRAMS LISTS:  Are the issues-programs lists retained for the term of the license?  [See  §73.3526(e)(11)  or  §73.3527(e)(8)]

  Issues List 2010

Issues List 2011

Issues 2012 List

Issues 2013 List

Issues List 2013 contin.

Issues List 2014

14) Donor Lists

DONOR LISTS:  For non-commercial stations, does the licensee maintain a list of donors supporting specific programs?  [See  §73.3527(e)(9)]

RETENTION OF DONOR LISTS:  For non-commercial stations, does the licensee retain such donor list(s) for a period of two years?  [See  §73.3527(e)(9)]

15) Time Brokerage Agreements

TIME BROKERAGE AGREEMENTS:  For commercial stations, does the public file contain a copy of every agreement or contract involving time brokerage for the licensees station, or of another station by the licensee?  Confidential or proprietary information may be removed.  [See  §73.3526(e)(14)]

RETENTION OF TIME BROKERAGE AGREEMENTS:  Are these records maintained as long as the contract or agreement is in force?  [See  §73.3526(e)(14)]

 Donor Lists

16) Local Announcements

LOCAL ANNOUNCEMENTS:  Was the statement certifying compliance with the local public notice filing announcements placed into the file within 7 days of the last day of the broadcast of such announcements?  [See  §73.3526(e)(13),  §73.3527(e)(10)  and  §73.3580(h)]

RETENTION OF LOCAL ANNOUNCEMENTS:  Was the statement certifying compliance with  §73.3580(h)  retained until final action is taken on the application to which it refers to?   [See  §73.3526(e)(13)  or  §73.3527(e)(10)]

Local Announcements

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