Consortium Library North Entrance Waited 12 Years

Photo Credit: Cornerstone General Contractors

Photo Credit: Cornerstone General Contractors

We recently brought you a story covering renovations to be done on the UAA/APU Consortium Library in Fall of 2016. After hearing that story Library Dean Steve Rollins contacted us with more pertinent information.

He shared some of the history of the library as well as justifications for the Library north entrance project being done now. He said it was recognized in 2004 during widespread library renovations that the library would need a north entrance. An exit was placed where the future north entrance would be installed. Dean Rollins said a north entrance could not be justified at the time, but at this time the $718,900 project is justified and scheduled for Fall 2016.

Dean Rollins also shared with us what the project will include beyond the north entrance. The project will moderately reorganize the library and present some new features.

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