“Come Home to Alaska” Aims to Boost Enrollment and Transfers


“Come Home to Alaska” Aims to Boost Enrollment and…

Taken from uas.alaska.edu

The University of Alaska last week announced a new program aimed to boost enrollment at University system campuses. The pilot program would lend non-residents the same tuition rate as residents if they have a parent or grandparent living within the state. The program will be in practice starting in the fall 2014 semester and reviewed after a two year trial period. While this may pave the way for new students from out state to join the University of Alaska system, it is geared towards students who have left the state and lost their residency. Mike Smith from the Admissions Office here at UAA, explains that the programs hopes to make it easier and cheaper for former residents to transfer into the Alaskan university system. The program not only benefits new students but current non-residents who qualify will be given the opportunity to apply for in-state tuition as well. You can hear more about the specifics of the program, the students it may effect, and how much busier it will make Mike Smith in the interview below.


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