Christopher Smith – Earning Keep


Christopher Smith – Earning Keep

earning_keep_coverEarning Keep, Smith’s full-length sophomore album, is set to release August 28th via Boompa Records. The album consists of an amalgamation of diverse, yet simple instrumentals eloquently mixed to create an ambiance, which is further fostered by Smith’s uncanny ability to project whispering vocals.

As my curiosity sent me down the rabbit hole, I discovered that prior to Smith’s musical endeavors, he spent most of his time working in the visual arts. This background enabled Smith the opportunity for his directorial debut with the album’s first music video ‘Pillars and Prye’. You can check out the video here.

Now if that sparked your fancy, then continue on with me down the rabbit hole. My next discovery sealed the deal. Check out this collaboration with fellow Vancouver musician and visual artist, Andy Dixon. You can listen to the ‘Pillars and Prye; remix here.

Christopher Smith’s talents seem unending and his ability to find range is personified on Earning Keep. The quickest way to see this, listen to the first track on the album ‘Settling Pitch’ then check out the last track ‘No Light Could Pass Through Me So I Have a Shadow’. All and all, an up and coming artist that is off to a great start and one I know I’ll keep on my radar. 4/5

Recommended tracks: ‘Settling Pitch’, ‘Pillars and Prye’, ‘Samson’, ‘No Light Could Pass Through Me So I Have a Shadow’ and although not on Earning Keep, if you haven’t already, I recommend you check out the Andy Dixon remix of ‘Pillars and Prye’.

By: Tracy Stewart

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