KRUA Fall 2018 Newsletter

In this edition, KRUA reflects on the fall semester. The newsletter includes; Station updates, Important dates and deadlines, featured volunteer, throwback photos of the season, and the broadcast schedule.

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Important Updates and Deadlines!

December 15 – January 14: Winter Break

  • UAA requires at least one staff member to supervise volunteers if they are in the building. The stream and some shows will continue to broadcast under staff supervision. Door codes have been temporarily disabled!

December 22 – January 1: Campus Closure

  • Campus will be closed. Staff and volunteers will not be allowed to work or broadcast their shows. The stream and pre-recorded shows will continue to broadcast. Door codes will remain disabled.

February 7, 2019: Spring 2019 Promo & Program Proposal Deadline

  • Spring 2019 show promos and program proposals are due.  If you do not submit your show promo or program proposal before the deadline, your show will be put on suspension until they are submitted. Guess what? You can submit your program proposals online.

January 18, 2019: Volunteer Meeting

  • Come discuss station news and eat free food with the rest of the KRUA family!

Anchorage Night Report, All Bumper Music

From haunted houses in Mountain View neighborhood to drifters wandering in from the Lower 48, Anchorage Night Report is an Alaskan radio show that covers the most creepy and unusual topics — most of them local to our state. Your host, Jade Jackson, discusses bizarre news, talks to local guests, and plays catchy bumper music. Listeners are also welcome to call in with their questions, comments, and stories for the last hour of the show. Plays Sunday nights from 8 to 10 PM.


Statement From KRUA’s Station Manager

Last Saturday, February 10th at approximately 11 PM, KRUA received a complaint regarding a late night talk show broadcast in which two KRUA volunteers were expressing racially derogatory views. KRUA took this matter very seriously, and after meeting with the volunteers, we have decided to discontinue the show on which this took place. This broadcast did not meet our standards or reflect KRUA’s values, and the use of our radio platform to express these views will not be tolerated, now or in the future.

-Wright Franklin, KRUA Station Manager

Cry Cry Cry | Wolf Parade

Cry Cry Cry | Wolf Parade

Album Review by James Kendall

Wolf Parade return after a seven-year hiatus with Cry Cry Cry. It’s a solid alternative-rock album that doesn’t stray too far from their established sound but still feels fresh. My favorites are: “You’re Dreaming,” “Incantation,” “Valley Boy,” and “Lazarus Online.”

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I Tell A Fly | Benjamin Clementine

I Tell A Fly | Benjamin Clementine

Album Review by James Kendall

“In little words – it’s a story about two wandering flies finding fleet.
I am neither a politician nor prophet but,
an artist who creates to only entertain is no better than a con.
I hope this album fulfills its purpose.”

– Benjamin Clementine about his new album, I Tell A Fly.

Benjamin Clemetine’s sophmore release, I Tell A Fly, is like a musical piece of theatre for your ears. Sit back and enjoy the experience with Ben’s unique musical style guiding you through an unforgettable album. My favorites are: “Jupiter,” “God Save The Jungle,” “One Awkward Fish,” and “Ave Dreamer.”

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