Benjamin Booker | Benjamin Booker


Benjamin Booker | Benjamin Booker

By Wright Franklin
KRUA Music Manager

Benjamin BookerIn a few past reviews, I’ve said that certain people have unique or distinctive voices. Not like this one, they don’t. Benjamin Booker, a young, 22-year-old New Orleans based blues singer is out-singing and out-playing a lot of musicians twice his age. On his debut album, he is gunning for the top and has undoubtedly created one of the best blues rock albums of 2014.

The single and opener of the album, “Violent Shiver”, sets the tone for the whole record, with a super catchy but rousing guitar and drum-driven groove. The center spotlight of Benjamin Booker is always on the man’s voice, a soulful, guttural noise that can scream just as well as carry a melody. On “Chippewa” he takes on a low, sultry tone over a church organ and chugging guitar.

The most interesting thing about Benjamin Booker is that he seemingly jumped out from a time machine. His style sounds decades old, but he sings about relevant 21st-century issues. A perfect example is the song “Slow Coming”. Benjamin Booker is basically a shimmering rock and roll classic made 40 years too late.


Track List:

1. Violent Shiver
2. Always Waiting
3. Chippewa
4. Slow Coming
5. Wicked Waters
6. Have You Seen My Son?
7. Spoon Out My Eyeballs
8. Happy Homes
9. I Thought I Heard You Screaming
10. Old Hearts
11. Kids Never Growing Older
12. By the Evening

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