Edge Essentials: She & Him, Mary J. Blige

Edge Essentials

Edge Essentials: She & Him, Mary J. Blige

It’s Friday, December 5th, and this is the second to last Edge Essentials until spring! Today’s going to be a great show.

In case you wondered, Edge Essentials is a show that showcases the best new music (pardon the pun).

First off, we have the new Mary J. Blige! This is the RnB singer’s twelfth studio album and these songs are as beautiful as ever.

We also have the fourth installment from indie sweetheart Zooey Deschanel’s duo with guitarist Matthew “M” Ward known as She and Him. They sound as smooth and velvety as some rich chocolate and this album feels more mature than the previous.

Check them both out here:

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