Beach House – Bloom

Beach House - BloomDuring my time at KRUA as Music Manager our staff has never been this ecstatic for the release of an album, so with great honor I bring forth Beach House’s Bloom. If you didn’t already know, Beach House is a Baltimore-based duo consisting of French-born Victoria Legrand and Baltimore native Alex Scally. In their short time together this twosomes of music genius have released an impressive catalog of what has been defined as their distinct sound of Dream Pop. While Scally arranges all the music and creates the illustrious vision of Beach House it is Legrand’s vocals (oh, her sweet vocals) that carries the listener through this astral journey. As the group has attracted and gained attention, Legrand’s voice has become almost iconic for her soft and sultry tone in her music that completely differs from so many in the music industry today. As for the album, Bloom starts right were their last album Teen Dream left off on an airy and atmospheric feel good music vibe beginning with the opening track “Myth.” As the album progresses a rather up-tempo sound is encountered such as in the songs “Wild” and “Lazuli.” By the end of the album one if left almost mesmerized by the soothing and ethereal melody especially with songs like “The Hours,” “Wishes,” and particularly the closing track “Irene.” If there had to be one criticism of the album itself, it would be the similarities between Bloom and their previous work. While there has no real evolution or bloom (no pun intended) in Beach House’s sound, some have gone as far as calling this Teen Dream 2. Meanwhile, I personally will continue to refer to this as Beach House 4 or by the album’s appropriate title, Bloom. 4/5

Recommended Tracks: “Myth,” “Lazuli,” “Irene.”

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