Edge Update

Edge Update 6.28.17

This week on the Edge Update, the KRUA news team discusses a local theft, pharmaceutical murder, and human trafficking.

Photo via rootedinrights.org

Edge Update

Edge Update 6.19.17

On this week’s Edge Update, the KRUA news team sits down to discuss newly proposed testing standards for Alaskan students, a potentially double-edged Supreme Court decision, and the Mexican government’s scandalous use of surveillance software to spy on anti-corruption activists and journalists.


Photo via Teamcoco.com.


An Alaskan Astronaut?

Last Wednesday, NASA announced that Robb Kulin, born and raised in Alaska, was among 12 candidates recruited for their astronaut training program. We spoke to Rob about his selection the day after the announcement. KRUA’s Max Jungreis reports.

Photo via NASA.

Edge Update

Edge Update 6.6.17

This week, the KRUA news team sits down to discuss Gov. Walker’s wishlist to Trump, a new case involving cell phone privacy going to the Supreme Court, and a sudden diplomatic crisis between Arab states and the nation of Qatar.