Staff Picks: October ’17

October is here and we can all be sure of one thing: winter is coming. Change the batteries in your auto-start, and listen to our recent favorites to help keep you warm.


Wright Franklin – Station Manager

The Killers – Wonderful Wonderful

The Killers are no doubt aging. However, they are aging like a fine wine. This album is surprisingly fresh. It took a few listens to grow on me, but it is really beautiful and moving. Check it out whether you are a long time fan or not! Favorite tracks: Out of My Mind, Some Kind of Love, Have All the Songs Been Written?



James Kendall – Music Director

Cut Copy – Haiku From Zero

I can’t stop spinning the new Cut Copy record! Not literally, I just listen to the mp3’s on my phone like a normal person and not a vinyl try-hard but alas, Haiku is great! It’s nine tracks of electronica jams without a weak link between them. It’s their best album since 2008’s In Ghost Colours. I recently featured and reviewed Haiku From Zero on Episode 12 of Edge Essentials.

Check out my favorite track from the album, “Standing In The Middle of The Field.”


Joshua Bezona – Marketing & Underwriting Coordinator

Cape Francis – Falling into Pieces


I was going through some tough transitions in life and I wanted to write an album that embodied the mixed feelings that come with that. I just wanted to tell my story and how I was processing it all, as an artist we can only hope that other people can relate to that, and hope that it helps them in some way. – Kevin Olken Henthorn / Cape Francis


If I was stranded on an island, and I can only choose one album to listen to for the rest of my life, it’s Falling into Pieces. Lyrically. Structurally. It’s all just so great. I honestly don’t know how to put my love for this album into words. I feel bad because not once in my life have I been able to articulate anything – so I’m turning it over to Kelly from Atwood Magazine:

“The progression of the album acts as an awakening. Each song is revitalizing with a new energy. Each tempo can serve as a relaxer or a reason to run. There is no rule, no formula to the music. It’s completely open to each listener’s interpretation, and may act as a new source of release in each listen. That’s what makes the collection so unique: its ability to be anything. Each full song is crafted to its entirety, and is impressive at that, but all serve as a blank space for the emotions and actions of the listeners embracing it.

No one song on the album serves as a standout because each can be interpreted as extraordinary based on technicality or a listener’s preference. Falling Into Pieces is a collection that reads like a dream, start to finish, a progression of consciousness and personal questioning, featuring a variety of sounds and thoughts.”

Thanks Kelly.

Kendall Stormo – Production Assistant

J Balvin, Willy William – Mi Gente featuring Beyoncé

A newly released remix of J Balvin and Willy William’s track “Mi Gente” features Beyoncé. In this track, Beyoncé sings in both Spanish and English, and even better, she is donating her proceeds from the song to hurricane and earthquake relief charities! Check it out below.





Jeanette Sweetman – Program Director

Ibeyi – Ash

Ibeyi’s second album! Within is thundering percussion, enchanting vocals, traditional folklore and glimpses of electronica.The polyglot twins (born in Cuba, raised in France) sing in many tongues and use a wide palette of sound for each song. I am most drawn to the weighty percussion. I always enjoy albums that soar high and also go into the nitty gritty dark side of things. Ash is rugged, surreal, and WOMANLY.




Grant Kniefel – News Reporter

The Walters – Songs for Dads


My staff pick for the month comes from The Walters. The Walters recently broke up at the end of September after creating some of the best indie rock songs released in the last 5 years. Songs for Dads is one of those EPs that has an old timey feel almost. Described by the band as “cardigan rock”, it’s a solid mix of just all-around great tunes. Sad as it may be to see them all go, “I Love You So”, “What’s Left”, and “Life” will all be in my rotation probably until they try and seek commercial viability with a haphazard reunion in X amount of years.