American Dream | LCD Soundsystem


American Dream | LCD Soundsystem

American Dream | LCD Soundsystem

Album Review by James Kendall

Look what happened when you were dreaming, then punch yourself in the face.”
James Murphy on “American Dream.”

James Murphy and co. have returned after their announced breakup back in 2011 after a monstrous final show in Madison Square Garden. Following his work on David Bowie’s final album Blackstar, Murphy decided to reunite the band and created another epic, disco-rock album for the history books. American Dream takes a darker tone than their previous work,  evident on tracks like “i used to**” and “how do you sleep?” which feels like a nightmarish version of their previous hit “Dance Yrself Clean.”

“You warned me about the cocaine, then dove straight in,” “One step forward, six steps back, six steps back, six steps back…”

American Dream is easy to enjoy as an album full of ear-worms but shows its’ lasting potential when you dig into the lyrical poetry underneath. Heck, it even garnered them their first #1 on the Billboard top 200.

Check out my review from Edge Essentials Episode 10 below.


Tracks used in the review: “i used to,” “tonite,” “how do you sleep?” “call the police,” “emotional haircut.”

**All of the tracks are written in lowercase by the label, that’s not me doing it out of laziness. I WISH IT WASN’T LIKE THIS BUT WHAT CAN I DO?!


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