Consortium Library North Entrance Waited 12 Years

Photo Credit: Cornerstone General Contractors
Photo Credit: Cornerstone General Contractors

We recently brought you a story covering renovations to be done on the UAA/APU Consortium Library in Fall of 2016. After hearing that story Library Dean Steve Rollins contacted us with more pertinent information.

He shared some of the history of the library as well as justifications for the Library north entrance project being done now. He said it was recognized in 2004 during widespread library renovations that the library would need a north entrance. An exit was placed where the future north entrance would be installed. Dean Rollins said a north entrance could not be justified at the time, but at this time the $718,900 project is justified and scheduled for Fall 2016.

Dean Rollins also shared with us what the project will include beyond the north entrance. The project will moderately reorganize the library and present some new features.


Lena Fayre – Is There Only One?

10 24 2015 Lena Fayre - Is There Only OneLove can be beautiful like a cherry tree in full bloom, but if you’ve come here for an album review inspired by happiness and beauty, I’m afraid you’re in the wrong place. Lena Fayre’s new EP “Is There Only One?” brings up poignant feelings of longing and rejection, and eventually the serenity that can be found in the post-rejection recovery.

“Is There Only One?” details Fayre’s struggle with today’s combination of social media and romance. The back of the album speaks to her experience and how it has shaped the album. “This led me to think about the structure of relationships, attachment, and how the modern romance is diluted or enhanced by social media.” says Fayre. Social media romance is not a subject that music broaches very often, so I welcome this highly personal foray into digital love stories.

The tracks on “Is There Only One?” are dreamy and poppy, infused with R&B melodies and relatively barebones drums. Fayre’s voice carries most of the tracks single-handedly, and the vocal depth that Fayre brings makes her seem like a musical veteran, despite being only 19 years old. I practically had flashbacks to the Destiny’s Child mid 200s era of female pop, except this is slowed down about 25% and percussion is far more subtle on this EP.

“Please don’t pretend I can love you like a friend” is the pervasive attitude on this album. Lena Fayre opens herself and provides almost excruciatingly painful details about her love life and her experience with social media. If you’ve ever had a crush on someone or talked about your unrequited love on twitter, this album is for you.

Rating: 4/5

Track listing:

  1. Do You Like That?
  2. Possession
  3. New Sensation
  4. Color’s of Leaving
  5. Serenity

UAA Bookstore Sees Renovation; New Café Area

Are you curious about the racket that has been coming from the bookstore? Michelle Wells, the Marketing Director for the UAA Bookstore, discusses the changes this renovation will bring, including a new coffee shop, lounges with whiteboard tables, and the infamous backpack policy. She says the bookstore is hoping for a soft opening of the cafe around finals time.


Consortium Library Plan New Entrance

Consortium Library.
Photo Credit: Cornerstone General Contractors

The UAA/APU Consortium Library is scheduled to experience some renovations Fall of 2016. KRUA sat down with project managers John Hanson and Corey Fischer to find out more about the project and the estimated implications for students.

The project will give the library a new door, on the north side of the building. What is now an exit will be reconfigured, and be made into a full entrance with an Arctic entry. The project managers said there will some minor short term adjustments to library parking while the project is going on. They also said the library parking lot will be slightly rearranged to better accommodate handicap parking.

One of the project’s main goals is to give students the ability to stay inside longer and have a more direct route to the north end of campus; the ConocoPhillips Integrated Science, Administrative/Humanities  and Fine Arts Buildings.

The project has been appropriated $718,900 from FY 14 capital appropriations. The project managers assure the project costs will in no way affect student tuition.

What do you think? Is this a project UAA should be pursuing? Drop us a line, share your thoughts.


Voices of UAA: Julia O’Malley

Photo courtesy of Julia O'Malley
Photo courtesy of Julia O’Malley

You know that “teachers are really aliens” phase from elementary school? Well despite the knowledge our professors are not aliens, sometimes sitting in class throughout the week listening to lectures we forget they have their own lives. We chose to sit down with Julia O’Malley, UAA’s Atwood Chair of Journalism, over a cup of coffee to find out what life is like on the other side, to hear about the life of a professor.

Rarely do we have the opportunity to listen to our professors discuss their personal lives but Julia gave us this rare opportunity, a peek into the life of a professor.


Seawolf Debate Hosts LGBT Discrimination Debate

Picture of debater
Photo courtesy of the UAA Seawolf Debate Team

The evening of September 29th the Anchorage Assembly passed an anti-discrimination ordinance, which expands protections from discrimination to LGBT individuals.

The following evening the UAA Seawolf Debate team hosted a very timely public debate over whether “individuals and organizations ought to be free to refuse service to patrons on the basis of religious objection.” The debate, which took place at Beartooth Theater and was a fundraiser for the UAA Seawolf Debate Program, focused in large part on the passing of the ordinance.

Arguing religious objection is a constitutional right were Jim Minnery, President of the Alaska Family Council, and Bernadette Wilson, host of KFQD’s Bernadette Live.

In opposition to the preference of religious objection over individual identification were Josh Decker, Executive Director of ACLU Alaska, and Reverend Martin Eldred of Joy Lutheran Church.

After the debate Steve Johnson Director of the Seawolf Debate Program at UAA expressed pleasure with the event itself, the audience and the speakers. Johnson endorsed debate as being important to civil discourse and essential to the functioning of democracy.

All in all, audience members seemed to appreciate the speakers’ different points of view and their willingness to discuss and expose to scrutiny their view on a controversial and socially relevant topic.

Wednesday evening’s debate made it clear that though the Anchorage Assembly has passed the anti-discrimination ordinance, discourse over LGBT rights and religious objection is not finished among UAA students and Anchorage community members.


Live In-Studio with The Well Pennies

IMAG0293Reporter Dylan Blankenship has been at it again. Thursday he was live in the KRUA studio with husband-wife folk duo The Well Pennies, along with the rest of their musical gang, to talk about their 2015 album release, their first experience in Alaska, and to hear a few wonderful tracks that they performed live for us and our listeners.

There is also some advice in there for aspiring musicians.

You can catch them tonight (Oct. 2nd) in the Discovery Theatre at the Performing Arts Center at 7:30PM, alongside the Anchorage Youth Orchestra.