Silicon – Personal Computer

Technology. Communication. Emoji. The main ingredients of Silicon’s “Personal Computer” mirror the obsessions of today’s youth. Necks constantly bent down, looking at their phones in anticipation of a notification, a lifestyle which Silicon simultaneously lives and mocks without mercy. R&B and electronic are fused consistently throughout “Personal Computer” with funky bass lines and simple yet Read more about Silicon – Personal Computer[…]

What Wells Fargo Complex Renovation Means for Students

As you may have noticed walking through the spine this week, the Wells Fargo Sports Complex is being renovated. Curious  how your tuition is being spent, or what happened to the Tanaina Center? Heard about the new stationary bike room yet, or how about the renovated dance classroom? Find out what is new and available for UAA students with us!

Campus Kick-Off: Starting the year with a howl

Did you go to this year’s campus kick-off? ​It was this reporter’s pleasure to cover it. UAA welcomed this year with, not a bang, but a howl. Want to know what students thought? What really happened at Fred Meyer night? Some advice from the older students? Here’s your chance to relive your favorite moments from Read more about Campus Kick-Off: Starting the year with a howl[…]

Hembree – New Oasis

Have you been looking for an EP that completely encompasses the majority of KRUA’s music library? Well if you have, this is what you’ve been looking for. Hembree’s EP “New Oasis” provides a relatively broad range of musical styles within the context of modern indie rock, and it does so in an incredibly short amount Read more about Hembree – New Oasis[…]

The American Lion Sculpture: Cool New Cat on Campus

If you are the observant type, you may have noticed the newest rock in our rock garden. It is a 26,000 pound limestone cat. The statue is made to represent the American Lion, the largest cat animal known to man. An American Lion skull was found in the Alaska interior in 1995 and was carbon dated at 19,250 years Read more about The American Lion Sculpture: Cool New Cat on Campus[…]