Love is in the Air: Alaska Airlines Offer LGBT Discount

Note: Scroll down for complete audio file. On June 26th of this year, the US Supreme Court legalized gay marriage, thereby normalizing all relationships, both straight and gay. Every US citizen can receive the same benefits and hardships that come with marital bliss. However, government and private business are not always bound by the same Read more about Love is in the Air: Alaska Airlines Offer LGBT Discount[…]

Voices of UAA: Simone Penker

Simone Penker recently returned from Gwangju, Korea, where she represented her home country Austria for the World University Games. A University of Alaska Gymnast, Simone came to Alaska to continue her career in gymnastics as well as gain a degree in Natural Sciences. Learn more about who Penker is in this interview!  

Meet the Staff: The KRUA Podcast

We have recently started a new Friday show all about the inner workings of the KRUA offices. Here, staff members share some highlights from the week, play some of our favorite music, and generally banter amongst ourselves. We tend to think it’s the most embarrassing entertaining hour a week, but that’s just us! Here’s the first episode. Listen at your own Read more about Meet the Staff: The KRUA Podcast[…]

Our God is a Possum God | Silvertron Youth Choir

KRUA received a massive amount of Hip-Hop this week, which I am extremely excited about. It seems that traditionally, KRUA has treated Hip-Hop as more of a side show than a main attraction, but I hope to show the station and the listeners a new side of Hip-Hop. The album up for today’s review is Read more about Our God is a Possum God | Silvertron Youth Choir[…]

UAA Art Alumna Explores Chemical Reactions in Art Show

July 22 marks the opening reception of Nikita Ditmer’s art showing, “R.” Ditmer’s art is inspired by textures and chemical reactions that occur on canvas.  In this piece KRUA was able to discuss student reactions to “R,” as well as conduct an interview with Nikita Ditmer herself! Ditmer stated she named her show “r for remainder…art is Read more about UAA Art Alumna Explores Chemical Reactions in Art Show[…]

Voices of UAA: Lakota Tow

In order to celebrate one month of Voices of UAA, news reporter, Anna Lande agreed to stop trying to interview street dogs and go back to humans. Today’s human is Philosophy major, Lakota Tow. Lakota Tow is also a cargo agent for Pegasus Airlines, where he ships fish and puppies to faraway places. Today, he discusses existentialism, brandy, and Read more about Voices of UAA: Lakota Tow[…]

Dope Economics: The Money in Marijuana

If you have been in Alaska for the past year, you have been able to watch the process of a state legalizing marijuana. In February, Alaskans officially voted on ballot measure 2. The ballot measure passed three regulations for citizens who would like to legally partake: 1. Alaskans age 21 and older can now legally Read more about Dope Economics: The Money in Marijuana[…]