“A Lot of Affinity Between People in Ireland and Alaska”, says Irish Ambassador

On June 26th, Irish Ambassador Anne Anderson visited the Alaska World Affairs Council in Anchorage. Anderson hosted a presentation titled, “Ireland, the US, and EU: A 21st Century Perspective.” KRUA news reporter Anna Lande was able to discuss the economic relationship between Ireland, the United States, and the European Union in a private interview. The Read more about “A Lot of Affinity Between People in Ireland and Alaska”, says Irish Ambassador[…]

Voices of UAA: Kenneth Clarke

This week’s victim, uhr, student, was business major Kenneth Clarke. Kenneth Clarke (KC) is the jack of all trades in Anchorage’s nightlife. He is a stand-up comedian, bass guitarist for his bands Thunderfish and Ships Without Harbors, and works as a bartender at Gaslight Bar. In this segment, KC regales KRUA with a story about using his notoriety as a Read more about Voices of UAA: Kenneth Clarke[…]

Knock (EP) | Sister Girlfriend

Have you ever messed with a drum machine from the 80s? Or any keyboard made in the last 30 years? Of course you have, and since you have then you will be able to understand the genesis of this album. Sister Girlfriend’s Knock EP is like a sequined sport coat style peep show that represents Read more about Knock (EP) | Sister Girlfriend[…]

Reintroducing Wood Bison to Alaska

After a century-long absence, wood bison were reintroduced to Alaska in March this year. The wood bison are the largest land mammal in North America, at approximately 2,000 lbs and 6 feet height at the shoulder. The KRUA studios welcomed Scott Michaelis, Director of Marketing at the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center, to inform our listeners Read more about Reintroducing Wood Bison to Alaska[…]

So… What does USUAA actually do?

On June 19th, KRUA’s Anna Lande met with USUAA president John Taylor to join him in his morning routine. Lande and President Taylor discussed what policies he would like to enforce, his opinion of past USUAA policies, and what USUAA actually provides for students. If you would like to voice your opinion or just watch your student representatives in action, visit Read more about So… What does USUAA actually do?[…]

Allen Stone – Radius

I did not expect my very first review as Music Manager at KRUA to be on the very first album I received in the mail. But here we are. Allen Stone’s Radius has elements of nearly every genre, including pop, rock, blues, soul, R&B, gospel, and electronic. It reaches even as far as neo-hip-hop on Read more about Allen Stone – Radius[…]

Voices of UAA: Ben Voss

The recesses within the KRUA news room have produced a new segment; Voices of UAA (VOU). The VOU is hosted by reporter Anna Lande, in which Anna brings, sometimes drags, students into the KRUA studios and forces them to answer her intrusive question, “What is your other life?” This premier segment focuses on business-major Ben Voss, Read more about Voices of UAA: Ben Voss[…]

Meet the new Provost

UAA officially declared Samuel Gingerich as Vice Chancellor and Provost for the university on March 17. This is the highest academic administrative position at the university. Our news reporter Anna Lande here interviews the provost to help our listeners understand what he does and his plans for UAA’s future. The interview goes over topics such as: the suspension Read more about Meet the new Provost[…]

Construction at Wells-Fargo Complex, Former Tanaina Site

UAA students and staff have probably noticed construction occurring at the Wells-Fargo Gym and former Taniaina site. The Tanaina Child Development Center remains abandoned after the program was cut in March of this year, due to UAA budgetary restrictions. However construction has begun across the entire complex. In order to find out if the two Read more about Construction at Wells-Fargo Complex, Former Tanaina Site[…]

Lithuanian Ambassador to the US and Mexico Visits Anchorage

On June 2nd, Lithuanian Ambassador to the US and Mexico, Zygminantas Pavilionis visited Anchorage. Ambassador Pavilionis spoke to Alaskan World Affairs Council members about Lithuania’s promise as a start up nation over a luncheon. The Ambassador delved into the threat Lithuania feels from Russian policies, Lithuanian interest in Alaskan oil, and what the United States Read more about Lithuanian Ambassador to the US and Mexico Visits Anchorage[…]