News Feed: The election! Also, dorm life

While the November elections may seem like some what of a distant prospect, the¬†campaigns are in full swing. That’s why we had UAA Professor of Political Science Dr. Forrest Nabors level with us about current state of Alaska’s campaign season and our state’s¬†place in the battle between Republicans and Democrats over control of the US Read more about News Feed: The election! Also, dorm life[…]

Tyranny | Julian Casablancas + The Voidz

Let me preface this review by saying that The Strokes are one of my all time favorite bands. With that, comes a deep, undying love for Julian Casablancas. That being said, his new side project, Julian Casablancas + The Voidz is just… really strange. The album is in some nowhere zone (a “Void” perhaps) in Read more about Tyranny | Julian Casablancas + The Voidz[…]

Goddess | BANKS

By Wright Franklin KRUA Music Manager Dark, metallic and other-wordly, Banks’ debut sounds like a break-up RnB album recorded on a spaceship 200 years in the future. With stark and crisp production and clean, pure vocals that slice through the nether, Banks is paving a way into a new avenue of RnB. Gloomy, murky and Read more about Goddess | BANKS[…]

Maximum Overload | Dragonforce

By Russ Slaten KRUA Loud Rock Director DragonForce, the world’s favorite internationally-represented shredders, released a magnificent mix of melody and energy in Maximum Overload. The members are from the UK, France, Hong Kong and Ukraine, and based in London. The band’s metal chops match the best Bay Area shredders from the 80s. With Iron Maiden-like Read more about Maximum Overload | Dragonforce[…]

Student Storyboard Oct. 10: UAA Glee Club, with tunes and beatbox

If you’re going to A Cappella Festivella Thursday night, you’ll hear the UAA Glee Club, in its 9th season, warm up the crowd as opening act for Filharmonic and Fermata Nowhere. And, you can hear them Friday at 11-noon on Student Storyboard, repeating Monday at 5 pm. Music makes you happy; give us a listen! Read more about Student Storyboard Oct. 10: UAA Glee Club, with tunes and beatbox[…]

Listen | The Kooks

By Wright Franklin KRUA Music Manager Just as British and just as awesome as ever, The Kooks have made their triumphant return with “Listen”, their fourth studio album. Seemingly more in touch with their sound than ever, the pop sensibility on this album is impeccable and this record might be The Kooks’ strongest yet. There Read more about Listen | The Kooks[…]