News Feed: Prioritization – totally unbiased?

Well it’s here and we might as well accept it; classes have started and the Fall semester has begun. If you are feeling a little out of the loop after the long summer, catch up with the News Feed. This episode featured updates on a variety of international and local issues including an interview with Read more about News Feed: Prioritization – totally unbiased?[…]

Green Language | Rustie

By Wright Franklin KRUA Music Manager Described as “happy trap”, Glasgow artist Rustie’s sophomore release, “Green Language” is certainly not like any electronic music you’ve ever heard before. This unique blend of EDM-style electronic, magically fused with the hip-hop stylings of trap and club music, is sure to make for an awesome soundtrack to a Read more about Green Language | Rustie[…]

News Feed: Ebola, prioritization, and an interview

Ebola is terrifying but also incredibly interesting. If you missed out on last week’s News Feed you can catch it here on the link below. We discussed the current Ebola outbreak in West Africa with UAA Virologist Dr. Eric Bortz. Dr. Bortz discusses the unique features of the Ebola virus and the difficulty of combating Read more about News Feed: Ebola, prioritization, and an interview[…]

The Golden Echo | Kimbra

By Wright Franklin KRUA Music Manager Even if you don’t immediately recognize her, you’ve heard heard Kimbra. Like it or not, you’ve heard the song “Somebody That I Used To Know”. It went eight times platinum for God’s sake. “Teen Spirit” went eight times platinum. “Thriller” went eight times platinum. So yeah, you could say Read more about The Golden Echo | Kimbra[…]

Before The Spin: Bishop Allen – Lights Out

Tune in to Before the Spin tonight from 7-8 PM to hear the new album by Brooklyn, New York power-pop quartet Bishop Allen. The band’s fifth studio album is full of cheery, bouncy tunes perfect for a late summer night out. Before the Spin airs every Saturday, and is hosted by KRUA music manager Wright Read more about Before The Spin: Bishop Allen – Lights Out[…]

Benjamin Booker | Benjamin Booker

By Wright Franklin KRUA Music Manager In a few past reviews, I’ve said that certain people have unique or distinctive voices. Not like this one, they don’t. Benjamin Booker, a young, 22-year-old New Orleans based blues singer is out-singing and out-playing a lot of musicians twice his age. On his debut album, he is gunning Read more about Benjamin Booker | Benjamin Booker[…]

The News Feed: Prioritization report, student fees and more

Prioritization, new student fees, and other big stories are happening at the University of Alaska Anchorage. You can catch all of this and more in the News Feed from Friday August 15th. In addition to featuring plenty of information about prioritization, we also discussed some of the important events from around the world this week. Read more about The News Feed: Prioritization report, student fees and more[…]