Indie Cindy | Pixies

What rhymes with Pixies? Fixies. Who rides fixies? Hipsters. What do hipsters generally listen to? Indie. What rhymes with indie? Cindy. And there you have the name of the first album from the Pixies in 15 years. Indie Cindy marks the Pixies’ first return to the studio since their awkward hiatus-meets-interim reunion period that has Read more about Indie Cindy | Pixies[…]

Holiday (EP) | Jackie Onassis

Jackie Onassis is something else. And not the Jackie Onassis which might’ve come first to your mind, better known as Jackie Kennedy, wife of the 35th President of the United States. No, from Australia comes a group of the same name. Based solely on the name of the group, there’s not much to extract. It’s Read more about Holiday (EP) | Jackie Onassis[…]