Morning Phase | Beck

It’s pretty clear from just the 41-second introduction to Beck’s new Morning Phase that novelty, boundary pushing, and plain weirdness — the real staples of Beck’s legacy — are not part of this record’s master plan. Something of a mellifluous musical Zen prayer, “Cycle” opens the records’ blinds to overwhelming So-Cal sunshine in the most Read more about Morning Phase | Beck[…]

Love Death Immortality | The Glitch Mob

Today is a sad day. The obvious question is why? The Glitch Mob released their new album last week. This should be cause for joy. Except for the fact that it is no good. The group that helped to found the ever expanding movement of heavy electronic dance music with their 2010 Drink The Sea Read more about Love Death Immortality | The Glitch Mob[…]

After The Disco | Broken Bells

There are certain bad words in the music world. Cliché adjectives that describe guitar tone. Words like “garage.” And then there are the genre words. The obvious ones are “dubstep,” ‘trap,” and of course “disco.” If even the mention of that last one makes you sick and compels you to reconsider if your sideburns are Read more about After The Disco | Broken Bells[…]

Croz | David Crosby

If you’ve been inducted into the Rock N Roll Hall Of Fame, you’re probably doing something right. If you’ve been inducted twice, then there’s no doubt. You’re definitely doing something right. There aren’t too many people who can boast that they’ve been twice inducted in that Hall Of Fame, but among that group is David Read more about Croz | David Crosby[…]