Shangri La | Jake Bugg

They keep telling me I’m older than I’m supposed to be… If you put your kids into Kumon or Ignite or whatever accelerated learning programs exist these days, be prepared. They might become super geniuses. And super genius kids are, frankly, kind of scary. Two years ago Jake Bugg was 17 years old and an Read more about Shangri La | Jake Bugg[…]

Marshall Mathers LP II | Eminem

By KRUA Music Manager Oli P If you didn’t like Shady’s antics before, stop reading now. If Marshall Mathers is your Messiah unconditionally, you might also stop reading now. This review is for those who are on the fence about a certain rapper who shares a name with a shellac-covered candy. Well, the real Slim Read more about Marshall Mathers LP II | Eminem[…]