Doris | Earl Sweatshirt

By KRUA Music Manager Oli P With beats so glacially slow and fuzzy subs low and dense enough to make listeners feel it in their stomachs, Earl Sweatshirt’s new album Doris is here. A long time in the making, Doris will lays out some incredibly fat lyrics from an incredibly skinny lyricist. While the “fat” Read more about Doris | Earl Sweatshirt[…]

Sleeper | Ty Segall

By KRUA Music Manager Oli P “I want to make a really heavy record: evil, evil space rock. Put a little Satan in space and you got the sound.” These are the words of Ty Segall describing his prospective album prior to the release of what would become 2012’s Twins. A year has now passed Read more about Sleeper | Ty Segall[…]

II | Moderat

By KRUA Music Manager Oli P The world of EDM (fleshed out: electronic dance music) moves so fast that even the simplest two-step can’t keep up. This means that with the turnover from year to year at any electronic music venue, be it local raves or huge festivals like Paradiso, TomorrowWorld, or ElectroZoo, artists have Read more about II | Moderat[…]

The Nextwave Sessions | Bloc Party

By KRUA Music Manager Oli P “Ratchet” as an adjective, and a somewhat pejorative one at that, is a curious word: parents don’t tend to understand what it means, and the generation of kids who have this slang word at their disposal can’t always easily define it for mom and pop. But often times “ratchet” Read more about The Nextwave Sessions | Bloc Party[…]