Don’t Get Heavy | Fur Trade

The expression that “opposites attract” is as widely used as it is debated. While the expression may hold up for magnets, the attraction of opposites in music often leads to a largely unattractive album. Case and point: Fur Trade’s debut album Don’t Get Heavy. Fur Trade, comprised of Steven Bays of Hot Hot Heat and Read more about Don’t Get Heavy | Fur Trade[…]

Soul Visions | The Human Experience and Rising Appalachia

Sometimes the album with the sleepy title turns out to be the ultimate sleeper – the one that comes ripping through the stereo field with all that the element of surprise has to offer. Such is the case with the collaboration work Soul Visions from the relatively underground artists The Human Experience and Rising Appalachia. Read more about Soul Visions | The Human Experience and Rising Appalachia[…]

Street Punk | Hunx And His Punx

Punk rock has some iconic historical personalities: The Sex Pistols’ Sid Vicious and Johnny Rotten, Joe Strummer of The Clash, Iggy Pop, Travis Barker, and Tim Armstrong of Rancid, among others. But punk rock also has an infamous, long-mocked reputation for being tethered to juvenility. Green Day defined the preteen years of many a ’90s Read more about Street Punk | Hunx And His Punx[…]

Half of Where You Live | Gold Panda

An internet search for “Gold Panda” will spit out about as much as what sits in the search bar. A self-proclaimed social recluse, beat maker Gold Panda reports “never expecting to perform this music […] the idea of performing for people terrifies me.” Citing music as a largely private activity, Gold Panda’s sophomore work Half Read more about Half of Where You Live | Gold Panda[…]