The Late Blue | Gypsy & The Cat

Indie rock is a category of music that encompasses everything that doesn’t quite fit other classifications. It’s the catch-all genre for off-beat music. But despite the possibility for representing just about anything, indie rock has a stereotype – the four-person band of guitar slingers with art-rock inclinations. Be that as it may, some indie rockers Read more about The Late Blue | Gypsy & The Cat[…]

Mint | Crunchy Kids

  There’s a phenomenon in the rap world called trap music. Trap is a contraction: terrible + rap = trap. At least the internet will attest. But what does this say about modern appreciation for rap and hip-hop? Since when is having Lil’ Jon belching “HEY!” repeatedly in the background of a song the cool Read more about Mint | Crunchy Kids[…]

Bright Sunny South | Sam Amidon

The idiom goes: talk is cheap. Unless the one who’s talking happens to be Sam Amidon. Here, plucking at twanging, heart-strung guitars and rusty banjos, is a musical gabber from the same vocal vein as Bob Dylan or a rasp-less Tom Waits. Sam Amidon is not quite singer – he’s one of the rare songwriters Read more about Bright Sunny South | Sam Amidon[…]